The Locust are a bizarre and unstable type of Boltzmann Brain that inhabit the Howling.


An individual Locust is an isocahedron of vril surrounding a core of concentrated vacuum energy (the Brain) approximately a millimeter wide. They feed on vril via direct absorption. Unfortunately, they usually make vril by touching normal matter (and congregate in swarms), hence the name. A Mother Locust resembles a cube two meters wide, and is always surrounded by a swarm.


Locusts feed on vril (apart from each other's shells) insatiably. The vril shell constantly decays, and the Locust's core will dissipate if this happens. Vril is added to the shell, which is eroded by the core as it feeds on the shell to replace the energy that leaks through the shell (which, being composed of strings, is not completely impenetrable).


Provided with enough food, Locust are immortal. Without it, they die within a day.


Locust are asexual and are budded off from a Mother Locust, which feeds on vril in order to maintain its reproductive rate.


The Locust congregate in vast swarms of billions, with a Mother Locust at the center. Each swarm is a sapient hive mind directed by a Mother Locust. An individual Locust is as intelligent as a bonobo, and a hive mind approaches transapience. They are single-minded in their hunt for matter to transform and eat, and have used the Crossverse to access and ravage other universes. These swarms are often destroyed by Julth, but some escape and embark on epic rampages throughout Obeidon. More than one universe has been destroyed by the Locust, including the shattered remnants of the Notrox universe.

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