Lithuia is the 3rd largest colony in the United Federation of Jogorian Planets with a population of 92 billion. It's the capital planet of the Triari Sector of Federal space. It is also the main headquarters of the UFM, UFN and the UFNMC. It is considered to be the second most heavily defended system in the Federation with over 120 billion soldiers and Marines as well as over 80 million ships in the star system at any given time.

The planet itself is a huge jungle world that is nearly 6 times the size of Jogoria, allowing it to house such a huge population. It is one of two habitable planets in the system, one of which is a desert world that is under complete military control and is the largest training base in the UFJP.

The planet's capital city, Lithusia, has a population of 820 million. It takes up an entire continent, even though that continent is not very large. The Sectorial Government has hundreds of buildings in the city to efficiently run Triari. MILCOMM (Military Central Command) and MARCOMM (Marine Central Command) have huge bases located all across the planet. MILCOMM maintains orbital defense batteries in all regions to prevent another invasion. NAVCOMM (Navy Central Command) is also located in the UFN Central Command Station in orbit. It is a huge space station able to dock with a Lithuia Class Titan, though it is only half that size.

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