The Liberus are a species, more commonly known as the Liberus empire. They ar esometimes known to assist the purgers, and sometimes known as the free ones. It is most notable that they are the only species from imperius to escape from the auctors grasp. Currentley the liberus control the other half of the galaxy. it is commonly believed that billions of years ago, that the liberus evolved on the same planet as auctors. this probably is the reason for thier resistence to the psychic powers of auctors. They often assist Dwellers. Their new home planet is kamati.


The liberus are Large bipeds. They have flexible bones, caused by them being long and thin. But they can release a hormone, which causses the bones to shrink and join together. This allows greater strength at the cost of increased risk of bone damage. Since the bones are flexible to a certain degree, it can be hard to break them. They have 4 hearts to pump blood around their large bodys, but the hearts are smaller. When a arterey is cut it shuts down temprarily untill the blood clots. This is simalir to adolescent human behaivior. they grow thick skin, which hardens the more pressure is put on it, another notable thing about the skin is that it secretes a fluids in alrge amounts at high heats, which allows them to maintain body tempature.. Things such as knives and bullets pierce these, but clubs, explosions, and heat, is a bad way to take on the liberus.


The liberus empire has a largeley the same tech as the auctors, some tech has been improved. both races fear each other greatly.


Liberus culture Centers around individualism, and believe in good values. Law is hardly ever broken, and capital punishment is only performed on the auctors. They are a benevolent species, and despite many protests telling other races to flee, many species have died to fight with them against auctors. They have no real religion, but the two people mainly responsible for their freedom are treated much like saints.

(more will be added later)

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