The Lentaa Fleet is the fleet of spaceships used by the Lentaa as their space travel.


Lentaa spaceship2

Bird's eye view of a spaceship, with guns annotated

For a description of the spaceship, go here.

The layout of the Lentaa Fleet, when flying, is normally a large circle. When in space battle, they will often split up into three sections, and one will attack the opposing army's left flank, one the right flank, and the other one will go head on.

Lar 'Ar Krar has chosen the circle layout because it gives the enemy no obvious starting point. With a triangle or diamond, it is easy enough to start with the front point, but not with the circle. Enemies often spend time considering whether Lar's spaceship is at the front or the middle. In reality, it is normally somewhere else completely.


Where possible, the fleet will land as one, still in a circle. If the Lentaa are still fighting a war when they land, Lar 'Ar Krar's departure from his ship will be hidden by other Lentaa.

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