The Lehan are a race of sapients native to the Kamodan Galaxy. They have been invaded by the Yraath, and now wage war against this saurian race.


The Lehan are unfortunately one of the more delicate sapients in the multiverse; their three-foot tall, moth-like bodies can be destroyed with relative ease.

They make up for this with their superb senses and reflexes. Their sight, hearing, and smell makes it almost impossible to come within twenty feet of them without their knowledge.

In addition to this, Lehan are incredibly fast. In the air, their wings can move them at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour, and yet still allow them to turn rapidly. On the ground, their four legs allow them to scamper away from danger.

Another attribute that lends to their defense is their ability of camouflage; a Lehan can change colors like a Terran chamelon, becoming almost invisible as it blends into its environment.


The Lehan are extremely intelligent, and have reached Technological Class VIII.


Peaceful and loving by nature, Lehan culture is a reflection of their fundamental desire for freedom and peace. In recent years, however, their culture has taken on a decidedly militaristic tone as they fight against the Yraath.

The society of the Lehan was once ruled by a large collection of Elders, but is now lead by a committee of commanders.


Another area in which the Yraath have changed Lehan society, Lehan religion was once centered around the worship of various nature spirits, namely "Tao Earth", "Tao Sky", and "Tao Life." However, the Yraath invasion has turned many Lehan away from their religion, making many of them atheistic.


Lehan technology is reasonably advanced; they are capable of FTL travel, and have colonized several planets by this point.

The weaponry of the Lehan is somewhat primitive, taking the form of firearms that require gunpowder to operate.

They do, however, possess powerful force fields, that can withstand much before collapsing.


For thousands of years, the Lehan existed as a series of tribes that existed in a sort of brotherly alliance, which enveloped their entire homeworld. Recently, however, the Yraath invaded and conquered their home planet. The surviving Lehan fled to their outer colonies, where to this day they fight against their lizard-like oppressors.

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