Lava Snake
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3 meters



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Warm waters





Lethality Class

Motile III


Styracosaurus Rider

Lava Snakes are semiaquatic animals native to the Templum Archipelago on Kaventro.


Lava Snakes are large, reptile-like animals, growing to lengths of about 3 meters. This makes them the largest animal to exist in the archipelago.

Their most prominent feature is a large head adorned with horns. They have long bodies, and have lobes on the side of their body used to undulate through the water.

Lava Snakes can also change color. Their normal color is a greenish gray, but it varies greatly. It has been observed when happy, they take on softer colors such as blue and green, but when agitated they adopt harsher colors like red and orange (which is where they get their name from). Because of this ability, some scientists speculate they are a type of dolosid, although this is not the currently accepted view.

Despite their similar name and body shape, Lava Snakes are not related to the Sand Snakes of Skrap; Sand Snakes are amphibians whereas Lava Snakes are reptiles, and their similar appearance is a result of convergent evolution.


Lava Snakes are found in the waters in the archipelago. When coming onto land, they generally choose the larger islands to rest upon.


Lava snake2

The back of a Lava Snake

Despite their fearsome appearance, Lava Snakes are actually herbivores. They feed on aquatic plants and forms of algae that grow near the coast of the islands.


Lava Snakes are mostly aquatic, swimming in the oceans and feeding. They will, however, come onto shore each night to sleep. On land, they are quite clumsy and cumbersome. Waking up at sunrise, they absorb as much heat as possible from the sun before departing back into the sea.

They will also come ashore to mate, often numbering many thousand.

However, on land, they are vulnerable to Diaktus attacks. This does not happen very often, though.


Lava snake
Lava Snakes are entirely endemic to the archipelago. As such, they are an integral part of the ecosystem.

Because of their striking appearance and relative docility, Lava Snakes are occasionally illegally captured by poachers and sold on the black market trade as pets. There are now a few permanent stations located on the coasts in an attempt to prevent this.

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