Wonderful burning planet

A painting by a Laoine artist of Laruon

Laruon is a hot, barren world of mountains and plains.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

An average planet of the Noiyarna System, Laruon is silicon-based.


The diameter of this planet is around 5200 kilometers, with a density of 5.5 g/cm^3, which makes a gravity slightly less than Earth. Its size makes it an optimal location for large scale mining and experiments.


Laruon has a thick crust of igneous ash and rocks, markings of its volcanic past. Under that is a thick mantle of magma, which covers the iron core.


The most prominent features of Laruon are the giant riverbed-like canyons that stretch the entire surface. These were probably caused as a result of Laruon being torn from the orbit of Shaorean, which is in the habitable zone. The water dried up and all life, if it ever existed here, was destroyed.

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