Lar ‘Ar Krar is the most recent Grand Lentaa King. In combat with the Armageddon, his spaceship was destroyed, therefore killing him.


Lar ‘Ar Krar (known more commonly as Lar) is a calculating war leader. Even so, he is kind to his minions, which some people believe is a weakness. The most obvious thing he does to keep the Lentaa together is turn a blind eye on non-believers to avoid conflict. All this is done to make the army stronger.

Social RankEdit

Lar is unique from all other Lentaa. He has trained to become an extremely efficient flyer, so much so that he wears light aluminium armour over his chest and neck, for safety. He is also always surrounded by guards.

When flying with the fleet, he commands from a ship that looks like all the others, and can be anywhere in the fleet. This is so the enemy has no obvious target to go for first, and increases the likeliness of his ship surviving the fight. It has worked every time so far.

Lar expects to be obeyed instantly. If someone questions his orders, he will listen to what they have to say, then change what he wants done, or get rid of the questioner, depending on his view.

In FictionEdit

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