Lanx Monkeys are largely arboreal, omnivorous primates native to Swamp Island on Saaristo.


They are fairly large monkeys, averaging 1.4 metres high and weighing 60 kilograms. They have the standard features of monkeys: a prehensile tail, four long limbs, a large brain, and a small face like a human. They are unusual, in that instead of fur, their entire body is covered in scales.


They live in groups with a hierarchy. They are governed by an Alpha Male, who selects a mate, who becomes second in the food chain. Then there are the offspring of the Alpha: followed by the males, the females, and the offspring of others. Injured Lanx, regardless of gender or age, are moved to behind the Alpha family in the food chain. If an Alpha is wounded, it is moved to the top of the food chain.

They reproduce in a similar way to humans, giving birth to live young, who are raised into the group. As groups become too large, new young are chased off or killed by the Alpha Male.

They spend a lot of their life in the trees, where predators like Venenodon cannot reach them. They may drop to the ground for foraging, though this puts them at risk.


They are versatile omnivores. Their main food sources are leaves, fruit, nuts, bark, eggs, insects and carrion, though they can eat other things if pushed.


They live almost exclusively in the treetops on Swamp Island, only setting food on the ground for foraging or whenever else necessary.

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