Lairo Cando is a Salsene living on Centro. He is famous for hosting the Dwaman Awards, not to mention the time he woke up in the early stages of surgery. He described this in a famous book.


Lairo Cando is one of the few Salsenes wealthy enough to have a dyed skin. He is also rather short for a Salsene, being only 4.1 feet tall. His clothing is very expensive and high quality.

Cando CollectionEdit

Lairo is a collector of many things. He is known for owning many antiquities, including the partial skeleton of a basal sklasher, as well as rather large amounts of red, blue and transparent raak. He is also one of the only Salsenes on Centro to own a pet geckasaur. He stores all of these in the Cando Collection, a part of his mansion. The geckasaur is an obvious exception.


During an operation to remove a tumor, Lairo woke up in the first 30 minutes of what would be a 6 hour surgery. He remembers feeling intense pain, and he could not move any part of his body, meaning that he could not tell doctors he was awake. All he could do was stare into darkness, since his eyes were closed.

When the surgery ended and Lairo regained movement, he screamed loudly and became enraged. This caused 2000 credits of damage in the hospital. He still remembers it to this day, and takes medicine to help him sleep at night.

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