A map of Kurto.

Kurto is a SEJ planet and the homeworld of the Tikhio, it is situated in the Viperius Galaxy System (more precisely the Kruon Solar System situated in the Rhodikh Galaxy).


Kurto has a mass that is 2.1 times that of Earth's.


This planet's orbital period is around 391 days, and it takes 18,5 hours to rotate fully. Its axial tilt is 108.1°.


Kurto's surface is 73% water, with no ice. Most of the land is used as a giant querry as the Tikhio built their houses on top or underneath the water. The surface has an average temperature of 7°C.

Due to the Tikhio's extensive mining much of the wildlife is dying and the once hostile planet is turning into a mining planet, the Tikhio preserve the animals and plants in a large 'library' on Dryakh.


Kurto has 3 moons of which 2 (Dhrogk and Ylskrhan) have been turned into giant military bases housing many cannons designed to pierce enemy spaceships. The 3th moon (Dryakh) is mostly used for logistics, welcoming other species and housing.

Other than that there are many space stations for logistics, housing, research and defence.


The Tikhio live on this planet and rarely let others land on the surface, when they do it are either representatives, individuals of a high stance or researchers. Others can only visit Dryakh.


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