The Kruon Solar System is situated in the Rhodikh Galaxy (which is situated in the Viperius Galaxy System) and houses 5 planets (not including the sun Kruon).


Kruon is the sun of the Kruon Solar System.


Ordlenkh is a small atmosphereless planet which contained little to no useable minerals.


Eriano is a hospitable planet that required little terraforming for the Tikhio to live there (the atmosphere filled with heavy irons damaged them and made their systems glitch).


Kurto is the homeplanet of the Tikhio.


Jerthan is a brown gas giant with 89 moons.


Erdekh is a blue gas giant with 157 moons.


  • When you put the first letter of all planets + the sun in the right order (from the inside to the outside) you will get the word 'koekje' which is Dutch for cookie.

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