Kruel is a Gehennian individual. He is currently in command of Daemon forces "cracking down" on the Benthos Monks on the fringes of the Daemoniverse.


Kruel is a typical Gehennian in most respects. His scales have a dark greenish tint to them, and he has two small horns on the top of his head. He also has two long fangs on his upper jaw that are almost saber-teeth.


Violent and devious, Kruel is one of the least trusted Gehennians. He often schemes for power; he believes that he should be a Seven, and is willing to do almost anything within reason to gain his goal.

In particular, he hates Bahamut, whose position he covets. He does not feel that the insane cykron deserves his place.

One of the many sons of Bloodburn, Kruel feels great pride concerning his heritage. His father holds him in contempt.


Soon after his birth, Kruel began to seek power. However, this has not as of yet gained him anything whatsoever; it is rumored that Hectocapitus deployed him on the boundaries of Daemon Space simply to remove him from Daemon politics.

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