Krijgvolk fighter ships are by far the most common spaceship in the Krijgvolk stellar forces.


All Krijgvolk space fighters are made out of pure Warsteel, and as such are almost impenetrable to most non-explosive projectiles.

Up to a kilometer long, space fighters can be often seen as battleships to inferior races. There are several designs for them, such as the Vleugel design, where there are several wing-like appendages that keep the ship afloat in the atmosphere, and are mainly used in orbital bombardment, where they drop large bombs off of their wings.

These rarely use artificial gravity, and have rather slow speeds, with a maximum velocity of around .18c. This means that these must be carried in carriers, which move them from planet to planet.


As fighters take less than a month to build, they are often used in battles as cannon fodder. When used like this, they are put on autopilot and are sent directly to the foe, causing as much damage as possible, then crashing into it. This causes significant damage due to the amount of nuclear explosive inside, and this technique is feared amongst the Krijgvolk's foes. It is called beëindigen.

There is no specified captain of a fighter, but the highest ranking military officer onboard is in charge. This is usually a medium ranked individual. Most others are gunners and technicians. Very few experiments are done onboard.

During travel, these are used as storage, and are destroyed when fully emptied.

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