Krijgvolk carriers are by far the largest spaceships, besides the flagship, in the Krijgvolk stellar forces.


Up to 50 kilometers long, carriers are huge spaceships that are used for both resedential and military use.

The Krijgvolk carriers simulate gravity by spinning on its axis, much like a top. It can maintain the same gravity of Tegenstrijdig, with an absolute deviation of .05 g, except when hit.

Most carriers are made of warsteel, and take decades to build. Most have a rounded design, so they spin easily. However, they are not built for combat, and only have smaller weapons. Most protection comes from the boarded fighters and battleships, which have more combined weaponry.

Carriers equip the latest forms of FTL, but rarely use it, prefering large engines and its rotation through space to propel it onwards.


Often carrying battleships and fighters, Krijgvolk carriers are rarely brought out to the front line. They are also used for mass transportation for citizens to go from planet to planet. Several thousands of infantry soldiers use these as a training ground.

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