Krijgvolk battleships are the spaceships used in long battles by the Krijgvolk.


Up to 10 kilometers long, Krijgvolk battleships are the main fighting force of the Krijgvolk Stellar Forces. Most of these have a Warsteel hull. They have not figured out how to produce nanodiamond yet, though.

The ship has several parts which spin, therefore giving artificial gravity. Other parts of the ship are mainly governed by computers, rather than Krijgvolk.

Building these is rather easy, and several million tonnes of titanium have gone into building almost two thousand of these ships. Construction begins on land, but the many seperate parts are then shipped off into space. These are assembled into the largest parts of the spaceship, which are tested, then put together.


The main use for Krijgvolk Battleships is currently for transportation, due to the lack of war. However, these are always on the ready, and every one has their own crew. Captains of battleships have more respect than captains of Carriers, and for good reason. Battleships are used for several kinds of experiments.

Battleships also are used in large scale explorations.

Notable BattleshipsEdit

  • Thor, the second largest battleship to date. This battleship was the first to encounter the Merranites, while in interstellar space, during an FTL test.
  • Odin, a small battleship, but the gunners are rumored to have the greatest aim in the fleet.
  • Baldr, another small battleship, rumored to have FTL that actually works, this spaceship is often featured in media and magazines on Krijgvolk colonies.

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