Illustration of a Kraven by an ancient Wazelian artist

Kravens were large, dinosaurian predators that once lived on the planet Wazel. They were hunted to extinction by ancient Wazelian "heroes".


Kravens rather resembled the ornithomimid dinosaurs, except that they were a good deal larger. They frequently grew fifty feet long, and twenty feet tall. Their bodies were immensely muscular, and the claws on their front limbs were six feet long each.


The apex predators of their environment, Kravens ate just about every animal species known. They were the only predators large enough to prey upon Stoneclodders, although they did this rarely.


Little is known about Kraven behaviour, as the only information about the animals comes from contradictory accounts given by ancient Wazelians. However, it has been gathered that they were solitary beasts that usually lived in caves. They were most common in the mountains of what is now the Leseaw Empire, where their fossils are frequently found to this day.


Due to the lack of paleontologists on Wazel, nothing is known of Kraven evolution. However, the body shape suggests to some the existence of a distant common ancestor with the Nightshriekers.

They were generally believed to be demons by primitive Wazelians, and hundreds of them were killed.

About four centuries before the present date, the last known Kraven was killed by a Leseaw troop.


The Kraven picture was originally drawn by User:ArthurWeasley on Wikipedia. The picture is here

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