Kraesk are pseudo-mammalian vermin found on the planet Wazel. They are much loathed across its surface for their rapid breeding, pungent smell and obnoxious feeding habits.



Ovaloid creatures with four spindly legs, Kraesk have a rather simplistic body shape. Unless killed, these creatures may grow as much as a foot long.

Kraesk come in many colors, most notably white, brown, black, and orange.

Internal AnatomyEdit

The Kraesk digestive system is somewhat primitive in comparison with other Wazelian species. To make up for this, Kraesk have a number of microbes in their guts that do this for them. The Kraesk relies almost entirely on bacteria in its gut to break down food.

These bacteria produce metabolic gases while feeding, mostly methane. This is the reason for Kraesk's horrific odor.


After mating, twenty identical offspring spawn within the female's womb. Digestive bacteria are transferred to the young at this stage by means of a still-mysterious process known as "bacteriodonation".

Once an approximate month of gestation has passed, the young Kraesk are ready to be born. At this stage in their development, the Kraesk fetuses are equipped with "birth claws", which they lose soonafter. The offspring use their birth claws to rip, slash, and tear their way out of their mother. By this point, the mother is generally tired from the pregnancy, and is thus incapable of thrashing about or engaging in any other activities that could harm the young.

Once out, the twenty identical Kraesk will devour their mother and set out into the world. In about three more months, they too will breed, and the cycle will be repeated.

Ecology and DietEdit

Decomposers in nature, Kraesk will eat almost anything. Wood, carrion, metal filings, small children- all of these can and will be devoured by voracious Kraesk.

In CultureEdit

The Kraesk has won a special place in Wazelian culture as a symbol of greed, gluttony, lust, and perversion. An Imperial Leptan myth about the origins of Kraesk is recounted here, and the word "kraesk" is often used as a derogatory insult.

Notably, the High Order of the Nivalis portrays a kraesk on its flag.

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