First planet

A view of Koudaardrijk from a spaceship

Koudaardrik is the third planet from from Waark in the Waark system .

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Koudaardrik is a cold planet, and harbors no life.


The average radius of this planet is around 8500 kilometers, and is the second biggest planet in the system, following Verweg, a gas giant. The density is unknown, due to the unstability of it. It has a large amount of gravity, so it must have a rocky core.


Koudaardrik is the third planet in the Waark system, following Tegenstrijdig , and before Duisternis . Duisternis is warmer due to a large greenhouse effect.


Koudaardrik is a cold, class SBB planet that has very little weather patterns. Due to the fact that the atmosphere is very thin, there is no precipitation or wind.


This planet's icy surface gives way to a several hundred kilometers deep ocean, and then a theoretical rocky core.


The surface of Koudaardrik is an flat sheet of ice almost half of a kilometer deep. Some cracks are seen, but very few actually reach the ocean. The most significant object is the Kijk depression, which is barely seen on the center of the image above, which is a small depression, halfway through the ice layer.

Internal oceanEdit

The ocean of Koudaardrik is a very deep, and highly compressed, body of water. Large ice structures are evident, and are a result of both very cold temperatures and high compression. These become more common further down.


The core of Koudaardrik is a theoretical area. It is thought to be rocky, with many different conglomerates such as mixtures of both iron-rich, silicate, and carbon-based substances dominating the central area.

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