Kotnemm is the largest moon of Birunali, at 8.4 earths. It has a couple of asteroid moons, the largest being Demgoy.


An average gas giant in composition, Kotnemm is around 78% hydrogen.


Kotnemm has a diameter of 3.1 times earth, so a mass of 8.4 times it. It is the densest of the gas giants in the Pari System. It has no liquid hydrogen, just a solid core of carbonate rock, which makes up almost 30% of its mass. It is only classified as a gas giant due to its large atmosphere.


Kotnemm is 78% hydrogen, 17% helium, and 5% trace elements, such as methane, in its atmosphere. This is based on mass, not volume, ratio. Some elements such as argon and benezene have been found.


Kotnemm takes 41 days to orbit around Birunali, and has a day of 17 hours.

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