Koje is an Earth-like planet in located within a blue-ish star cluster in the Viperius Galaxy. Under the high energy radiation of its young blue sun, evolution has projected strange, whimsical varieties of life which dwell upon Koje's surface, its hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere. Koje has no native sapient species (at least none with a civilization in progress) but it has been claimed by the Gyddai for being in what they consider their territory. The Gyddai base of operations and military research on Koje has been long abandoned, though. It is a shame to say that within the next few millions of years Koje's sun is predicted to go supernova, putting an end to the spectacular diversity of species there.

Native lifeEdit

  • Jellycopters: flying symbiont of phototrophic rotor and chemotrophic body
  • Graptors: predatory land cephalopod with five tentacles: two clawed graspers; two cursorial runners and one scorpion-like bladed tail
  • Baeffers: charismatic bird-like flying lifeforms
  • Lerheegoes: tall slender quadrupeds which feed upon tree sap
  • Culverins: sessile organism with a powerful internal string designed to throw seeds far away
  • Jglaaks: white cave-dwelling mollusk-like creatures
  • Paquo: deep-sea silicon-based creatures whose existence is still debated

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