Kobolds are small, Cave-Daemons native to the planet Inferno. They have been adapted to life on the hellish world by burrowing deep underground.


Kobolds are vaguely humanoid, but have pale white skin and no eyes. Their head has grown too large for the creatures to hold up, and so they simply crawl about in the dark, hunting for food (scraps and lost Daemons).


Kobolds are liquivores, preying on anything they can find in their subterranean home. When feeding, the creature will bite the victim, injecting a venom that paralyzes the prey, and then liqufies its internal organs. This process is extremely painful, as nerve cells are the last to melt.


Kobolds are used as torture devices by the Gehennians, and are generally classified as Grakk. They were created by The Seven Cthire, before his death in interstellar space.

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