Klretukpokain is the home of the Bishaurt, seeded by an ancient race with copepods, algae and bacteria. It has a diverse array of fauna, and has had a subjective 420 million years of evolution.


Klretukpokain is a warm, tropical planet at Planetary Class THJ. It has a mass of 0.8 earth masses, and has an average temperature of 25C. 75% of its surface is covered in water.

Life formsEdit

Life on Klretukpokain has a myriad of forms. They can, however, be sorted out into three main groups.

Plants and algaeEdit

Plants on Klretukpokain include numerous designs. They range from massive stalks with photosynthesising balloons at the top, to tiny single-celled organisms in the ocean.


Copepods on Klretukpokain are the main large animals. They have diversified dramatically, and range from tiny plankton to giant skywhale-like algae symbionts to the sapient Bishaurt.


Liveslimes are a group of animals that evolved independently of the copepods. They include slug-like herbivores to carnivores that build their bodies from the bones of their prey.

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