An image of a Klawling. From Monster Hunter.

Klawlings are vicious predators native to the planet Wazel. They are found in northern regions, and pose a threat to travellers.


Klawlings rather resemble Terran bears, except for their green fur and scales. Their tongues are frequently observed hanging from their mouths; this is believed to be some manner of threat display. Their front paws are covered in thick scales, and they have massive claws.


Carnivorous creatures, Klawlings will eat all manner of animal matter. At times, groups of these animals will form to hunt young Stoneclodders.


Klawlings are generally solitary animals. They are almost invariably hostile towards other creatures.


These animals were discovered by an Imperial Leptan expedition, in fact the same expedition that discovered the Stoneclodder. Lepta was fighting a war with two other Wazelian factions, and plans were made to train Klawlings for use in battle. However, Klawlings proved too aggressively antisocial to be useful.

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