Klapka is a Lentaa pilot who was onboard the starship Wanderer when it was sucked through a wormhole to the Obscura Galaxy.


He is an average Lentaa but, being a master at technology, some of his features aren't entirely natural. His claws have been replaced with aluminium ones, and he has also enhanced his sense of sight and hearing.


Ever since a young age, Klapka has been technologically-minded. From about five years, he was building electric circuits and remote-controlled starships. As he grew older, he built more complex machinery, and even created the first gun that Lentaa could use in the field.

He was involved in Centro affairs from the age of about forty, and when he set out on board the Wanderer, he was seventy years old.


He is generally friendly to people, but can be quick to anger, and has a habit of keeping his grudges against people.

Role onboard WandererEdit

Klapka is the pilot onboard Wanderer.

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