Kkaggrak is a gas giant in the Khargg system. It is a class PAA planet, and has quite a few moons.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Kkaggrak is a small gas giant with traces of heilium-3 and has some anti-protons in its rings.


Kkaggrak has a radius of 4 times the earth, and a mass of 20 times it. This causes it to have a relatively large escape velocity. It also harbors large rings, extending 3 times its radius out on either side. Most of its mass is made up of helium and hydrogen.


Orbiting at almost a billion miles from the dying star, Kkaggrak is a freezing world. Its orbit is not very elliptical, but intercepts with several outer region objects' orbits. Small meteors and planetoids are often crashing into it due to its large gravitational field.


Kkaggrak is mainly made of helium and hydrogen, being a regular gas giant. Its rings are made of chemical ices and debris. These rings are separated into 6 different sections, named under section - rings. There are traces of anti-protons in its rings, and helium-3 in its atmosphere. It is colored red due to rusted iron dust in it from early impacts by iron-based asteroids.


The rings of Kkaggrak are separated into six different sections. The first section, the TK-section, is made up of fine dust and is the closest to the actual planet. The second section is made up of small, worn-down pebbles of chemical ice and is named the RK section. The third ring section, the YT section is made up of sharp pieces of frozen over large rocks. There is then the Rak Gap, as the fourth section. The fifth section is made up of small, worn boulders, named the HH1 section, and then large, broken boulders named the HH2 section.


Kkagrak has 13 moons - Rgarkran, TK-13, TK-42, RK-9, Khaggrak, RK-33, YT-20, Okkraggn,YT-154, Rak-1, HH1-49, HH1-56, and HH2-12. These are mainly just icy or rocky worlds.


Red and yellow, Kkagrak is a bright planet. Kkagrak is separated into different sections of color. These sections are colored due to different gases being prevalent. The three main colors are white, red, yellow, orange, and maroon. The surface of the atmosphere is constantly changing due to storms.

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