The Khargg system orbits a dying red giant, and is inhabited by the Gorkhan. It has 4 planets, Rgorok, Tkragan, Graagren, and Kkaggrak.


This system is located on the end of the Koraksel arm in the Polemos Galaxy. It is inside a giant nebula, named the Ngrakk Nebula, which is more than ten thousand light-years across, which has several other stars with habitable planets. Its location made it unaffected by The Merge.


Khargg was formed 15 billion years ago in the Ngrakk nebula, as a protoplanetary disk. Originally, it had 3 other planets, but these were destroyed in the expansion of the star. Now, it is a dying star, which is estimated to destroy Rgorok in 2 million years, then become a white dwarf in 4 million.

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