Khaggrak, or RK-21

Khaggrak is the fifth moon of Kkaggrak. It is also known as RK-21.


An average moon, Khaggrak has a silicate core and surface.


Khaggrak, being class RBA, is a small terrestrial with a diameter of 0.65 times the earth. This gives it a mass of 0.27 times it, so it can pull itself into a sphere. This gives it sufficient space for Gorkhan colonization.


Mainly silicate, Khaggrak has a density of 5.4 g/cm^3. It also has a large amount of titanium and uranium ores. This allows for a profiting colony.


Khaggrak is located in the RK rings of Kkaggrak, in the Khargg system, which is in the Ngrakk Nebula, which is in turn in the Polemos Galaxy.

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