Kgr are crustaceous herd animals that live in many areas on Gars.


Kgr are air-breathing crustaceans, generally growing about 1 meter tall and 2 meters in length. Their bodies are supported by eight sturdy legs, and their shells are partially hollow. Two strong hearts pump the animals blood, and an internal skeleton is used to support lungs. Were it not for these adaptations, such crustaceans would have never grown to such a size. The head of a Kgr is equipped with a large horn, used primarily for self defense.


After mating, a female Kgr will lay up to four hundred eggs, which will hatch into wormlike creatures which fly by undulating their bodies through the air. Although most are killed by predators, about ten percent will metamorphosize into adult Kgr. Young Kgr have been known to fly across oceans, thus spreading their species to every major continent on Gars.


Strict herbivores, Kgr live off of vegetation and fungi. They are the primary food source for many Garsian predators, including Skarg.

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