Keskidis are digitigrade Kachik native to Voricia.


Digitigrade and duocrurian, Keskidis have two legs. Also, unlike most Kachik, they have eyesight, and a flat face. Their other senses are not very well developed, as they rely almost completely on eyesight. They actually only have two other senses, being able to taste the air, and being able to feel the ground.

They are both carnivorous and slightly lithotrophic. For this, they have advanced stomachs, capable of digesting hard bones and sand. They do this with very low-ph acids, such as 50% hydrochloric acid, and some sulfuric acids. For their carnivorous aspects, they eat using sharp, serrated teeth which can slice through and tear off many sorts of meat. They prefer to eat Hecbir and some forms of Bitkcirtl. Their lithotrophic abilities allow them to eat their skeletons, so they can get more nutrition for less. This also allows them to eat sands in the desert.

Keskidis are the most intelligent of the Kachik, with EQ's nearing 1.22. They still have lower levels of thinking, and rely primarily on instinct to survive.

They have a central, 3-chambered heart in their chest, which is surrounded by bone. The heart's blood is oxygenated by a sole lung, located just above the heart. This has many arteries and blood vessels leading towards it.


Keskidis are solitary animals, living together only once every two years for mating. They live and sleep mainly in the open, as they are only hunted by Alliyvan.

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