The Kenthakon is the religious force of the Andavron race. After their formation the Andavronian timeline has started. The Kenthakon is a polytheistical religion with about 14 gods and godesses. It has played a large political role in Andavron history and their influence spreads far and wide within Andavron borders.


The founding of the Kenthakon dates back millions of years ago from before the Merge in ancient Andavron times (more precisely the Andavron Bronze Ages). It was founded by the Andavron called Krovhian Izdhrokh and was believed to be the reincarnation of a long deceased god.


As mentioned before the Kenthakon is a polytheistical religion.

Life after deathEdit

The Andavron followers believe in life after death and that they can go 4 ways when they die.


Heaven, or Kharmael, is the place where the Andavron goes if they led a good life


Hell, or Khotherearna, is the place where the Andavron go if they commited serious crimes (homicide, rape, etc).


Limbo, or Verthikhonear, is the place where the Andavron go if they led a normal life or commited suicide.





The complete Kenthakon exists out of 4 branches:

  • Andavronian Order Of Kenthakians: The main branch and backbone of the Kenthakon. They spread the belief and uphold the ancient traditions, they are funded by both the government and the Kenthakon Vylion.
  • Kenthakon Vylion: This branch serves an economical role within the Kenthakon, they fund projects with relative small intrest on the sums of money. They are also responsible for accepting the donations of the Andavron people.
  • Order Of Krovhian: An ancient military order of monks. These serve as the religious court to punish employees within the church that has broken laws of both the government and the Kenthakon. When given the signal these would exterminate unofficial branches or cults that are unwanted.
  • High Order Of Izdrokh: A recently formed order, the Andavrons within this branch are volunteers, firm believers and nobles that wish to gain access to the Kharmael by giving their life for their gods. They are strictly trained and are known for their courage. These zealots have almost never been defeated in combat.


The Kenthakon has many deities, 14 in total:


Important locationsEdit

Important individualsEdit


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