Kapitaq Aqil anr'Baqala is a Grand Captain of the Vorian Fleet, and also a representative of The Assembly. He leads the fifth High Fleet.


Unlike most Vorians, Aqil has a completely black face. This highly contrasts with his pale yellow eyes, which are speckled with bright orange streaks. Although his eyes appear to be completely organic, they have implants which allow him to see in augmented reality and see higher frequencies of light.

His fingers are longer than most, and are tipped with mechanically retractable titanium blades. These have a neurotoxin which paralyzes seperate limbs.


Aqil carries no weapons usually, but does have many weapons which he can use, including a Vorian rail-LMG, several grenades, and a mace.

He has a set of ornamented armor which he usually wears. His has an emblem of a Sukura branch, signifying his High Fleet. His Kosqalar is named The Daylight.


Aqil is a merciful Vorian, his philosophy residing on preventing suffering. However, he is very loyal to his subordinates, and does not punish them as often as one would expect. He is highly intelligent, maneuvering millions of ships singlehandedly.


Aqil is over 150 years old, giving him a long and glorious history.

Early YearsEdit

Aqil was created on a small colony world, Baqala, in the Aqari System. He was originally trained to be an architect, but interest in ship design caused him to have a heavy intrest in the Navy. He quickly signed up, experiencing many battles. As an architect, he was able to plan large structural plans for fleets. These did not always work, but many did, and he earned great honor in the Navy.

Military CampaignEdit

As a naval officer, Aqil gained multiple victories over the Yuharon. He created many new strategies, rising through the ranks, more as a tactician than a soldier. He was recognised as an excellent strategist, so he was placed in charge of the first aggresive intergalactic Xosan around 50 years ago. However, he did not manage to gain many more ranks here, as there were not too many enemies. However, as time went, he eventually became a Grand Captain 14 years ago.

Current ActivitesEdit

Aqil is a major player in the war against the Auctors, clearing out the rest of Auctor resistance in the Imperius Galaxy.

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