Kantahymz are strange insects native to Lumi, on Piasek.


They have a three-segmented body, each with two pairs of legs. The head is a segment practically on top of the front body segment. Altogether, they grow to about 30cm long.

It has three pairs of eyes, and one horn on its head. A double row of spikes run along its back, one pair per segment, and their is one spike at the very rear of the third segment.

It has the same colouration as the rocks and snow around Lumi, for camouflage.

Behaviour and DietEdit

These insects live alone, not in a hive. They feed on the moss and lichen, and occasionally the snow, like larger hydrovores. Their primary defence against predators is camouflage. If this fails, it shall run and hide or, depending on the predator, fight back with its spikes.

When hiding, the roll over backwards, to hide the spikes, which stand out in the snow, as they are a dull yellow.


The live on the icy wastes of Lumi, especially in rocky areas, where the black-and-white patchwork means their colouration is the perfect camouflage.

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