Southern Cross over Melbourne

Sky of Kamati

Kamati is the liberus's stronghold planet. It has approximately 10,000 ships on duty to defend it at any given time, each with dozens of AEGIS charges. It is a medium sized planet, with a similar climate to Repmundo. The Liberus settled it for this reason. A feature of this planet is that it only faces it's sun on one side, its roatation keeping it that way. The other side is frozen wasteland, only the edge is habitable. Currently the remainder of the Dwellers are here and on other planets in the Liberus's control.

Climate and Characteristics.Edit

The side facing the sun is incredibly hot, however, it's distance from the sun renders it an area about as wide as the United States and wraps around the prime meridian of the planet. It has an iron core, but past the liquid metal they are encased in denser material. It is believed that the core and molten magma formed, first, and the denser material piled on later in it's planetary youth. So abnormal amounts of certain metals are found in the crust.

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