Spore twoleg thingy

An image of a Naddis, created in Spore

Kachik fill the duocrurian niche of the Vorician biosphere. They usually do not have sight abilities, and live in deserts.


Like Hecbir, Kachik have several hundred varieties. However, they all have practically the same body and limb shapes, with two legs. These legs have 3 joints, 2 hinge joints to allow running, and an odd socket joint to adjust the foot. The first goes slightly forward from the base, then the second faces backwards. The third goes in around the same direction as the first. The lower of the 3 leg segments has the least muscle mass, but is the longest. The other two are heavily muscled, since they need to provide running abilities.

Kachik have a central brain, which is small, inside of their long skulls. These are rather small, and only allow a fraction of control over instinctual action. The main nerves lead directly to the legs, where it requires the most output. Kachik also have spiracles on their heads, which lead directly to the bloodstream. They take in oxygen and output carbon dioxide.

Carnivorous, Kachik can eat almost anything they come across. Eating with serrated teeth in their mouts, they tend to heat Hecbir and others of their kind. They are also slightly lithotrophic, and can get plenty of minerals from sand. They need very little water. They have 2 stomachs, where harder materials can be digested easily. Waste is not produced because almost all of the matter in food is dissolved by the many acids in the stomach.

Kachik use a central heart to pump blood around their body, which is located between their legs. This has 3 chambers, and is surrounded by bone.


There are several varieties, however less than the Hecbir.

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