Energy created by solar fusion



The Julth are a race of extremely dangerous plasma-based lifeforms native to the Crossverse. They perceive interdimensional travellers as invaders and will attempt to kill all outsiders. Due to the fact that no peaceful communications have ever been made with these beings, almost nothing is known of them.


Julth are powerful beings of fusing matter. They have the ability to create enormously powerful disturbances in space, allowing them to loop their emissions back on themselves. They can also generate powerful magnetic fields.

By copying their structure over an enveloped body of hydrogen, they can reproduce.

Despite this, they are not of massive size. Standard Julth appear to be between seven to fifteen feet tall (though other kinds can be thousands of times larger).


By manipulating space, a Julth can launch enormous particle or radiation beams. It can also enter the Crossverse and so travel at faster-than-light speeds. Various subtypes also have specific other talents.

Julth communicate through radio waves transmitted through space.

They are very hard to kill. The Veiled Ones used the Energy Converter Weapon, but few others could be used effectively against them.


It is known that there is a Julth Overlord, but little other information is available.


Notable Julth subtypes include:

  • Sezzka-Ri, with more powerful weapons but low speed.
  • Toxx-Ziph, with no FTL but enormous size. They serve as weapons platforms and fortresses. They are non-sapient, with little more intelligence than a smart dog.
  • Azzin-Phor, which can generate new Julth by taking in enough material.
  • Tsennu, which can join with sapient hosts.

In the past, Julth also had:

  • Sezzren Rai. These were the most powerful Julth, and irreplaceable. They could destroy planet-stations.


The Julth evolved in the Hellstar. They left when nuclear fusion slowed down, diminishing their food supply. Back then, there were much larger numbers of them and even more subtypes.

When they tried to leave they ended up waging war against the Daemon race (then the Veiled Ones). The Daemons pushed them into the Crossverse.

Now, some of these live in the Lacus universe.

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