Jotuns are a race of troll-like humanoids native to the planet Ymir in the Daemoniverse. They are savage and violent, and worship the Daemons that visit the planet.


Jotuns are very large and muscular, and have light brown skin. See picture for a more exact description.


Jotun culture is centered around the killing of other creatures as a rite of passage. This is believed to appease the Daemons, and to make them worthy in their eyes.


When Daemons first came to the world, the Jotuns attacked them, and attempted to drive them out of their homeland. However, an extermination effort spear-headed by Darkshriek inspired the Jotuns to fear and worship the Daemon race. On occasion, they will sacrifice other Jotuns to them.

After the Lentaa conquered Ymir, the Jotuns began to percieve them as devils, and would frequently launch attacks on their ships.

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