Jordania is a medium-sized planet in the Obscura Galaxy, in the Emenata universe. The planet is home to many different organisms, and three sapient species.


Jordania orbits a blue supergiant at a distance of 112 million miles. Thus, it is a moderately temperate world. It has two moons, called Ro and Bey. These are most likely asteroids, judging by their irregular shapes and small sizes.

There are only two major large continents on this world, separated by a vast ocean. The names of these continents are Prall and Gorthus. There is also a large island called Isos, which is considered a part of Gorthus.

Jordania has a breathable atmosphere, composed of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of nitrogen and argon.


Jordania is home to a wide variety of organisms.

The species here are not particularly unique in and of themselves; the plants and fungi are composed in much the same way as Terran flora, and the fauna is mainly comprised of six-limbed mammalians.

However, an astonishing degree of symbiosis is observed in the life on this planet. Many animals, for instance, cannot survive without colonies of algae that dwell in their fur. The degree of mutual dependence here is believed to be unique to Jordania.

There are three sapient species here: the Maera, which dominate the plains of Prall; the Sylvii, which have literally planted colonies all over Gorthus and part of Prall, and the Feylar, who dwell only in the unexplored jungles of Isos.

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