The Planet of Jogoria, with its moon, Columbia.

Jogoria is a jungle world in the Viperius Galaxy. It is home to millions of species, including an intelligent race, the Jogorians. The star, Crogaan, was born, over five billion years ago. Billions of years later, 5 planets were formed around Crogaan.

In order from the closest to the furthest, Trygona, a super heated small planet just 2,000 miles across with no atmosphere, Guaneria, a hot planet with a thick atmosphere about 20,000 miles across, Jogoria, a temperate jungle world inhabbited by many species 32,000 miles across, Eroy, a small rocky planet 6,000 miles across, and Reprag, a large gas giant that has a red tint to it that is 110,000 miles across.

Another few million years passed and the first signs of life appeared on Jogoria. Very small insects, marine life and reptillians showed up at first, but were soon followed by mammals and avians. Soon, Jogoria was filled with life. But, no intelligent life was to be found until about 1 million years prior to the current date. Jogorians were the first bipedal creatures on the face of the planet. Soon, they took use of their hands and created tools (and weapons) to assist in tasks. Not long afterwards, the first tribes began to appear across the globe. About 200,000 years prior to the current date, the first city was founded on the planet. Today, it is home to nearly 25 billion Jogorians and is the home planet of the United Federation of Jogorian Planets.

It's largest city, Jotorap, is home to nearly 80 million Jogorians. Jotorap is also the capital city of the United Federation of Jogorian Planets and has the famous Utopian Building that houses the majority of the government. The largest space station is the Terran Memorial Station, it is home to 8 million Jogorians and is the HQ of the United Federal Armed Forces. There are 14 other space stations in orbit around Jogoria and 2 in orbit around the moon, Columbia.

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