Jiro Jiro is a Salsene residing on Skrap. He is famous for beating Seff Tintel at a card game, and infamous for the time when he killed thirty orphans.


Jiro Jiro is a rather tall Salsene, with an abnormally long lower jaw and many fused and deformed teeth. Many great cuts cover his upper torso due to the many sword fights he has been involved in. His skin is also darker in color than other Salsenes. All of his fingers and toes have missing pieces, and Jiro's left thumb is extremely swollen, gangrenous and filled with dry pus and blood. The skin of his left shoulder has fallen off, revealing flesh and bone.


Jiro Jiro was born to a pair of lovers on a hill near Hoober's Gulch. The lovers were siblings, and this inbreeding may have been the reason for his many deformities. His parents abandoned him quickly after, but he was adopted and raised by a Skarg.

When Jiro Jiro was a teenager, he decided to kill his foster mother and join Ultima. Seff Tintel soon decided to challenge him to a card game, which he won. He has been famous for this ever since. Soon afterwards, Jiro decided to burn down a local orphanage, killing all 30 orphans inside.

Today, Jiro Jiro is a young adult, and is still a loyal member of Ultima. Recently, he has rediscovered and killed his biological parents.

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