Jaya was a planet in the Paradise universe, and was home to the Gonyords.


According to Gonyord records, the planet was covered in rainforest and estuarine seas. Many forms of life were present, and some of which were farmed (such as the Mbaiso) by the Gonyords themselves.


At the peak of the Gonyord Golden Age, it is said that the surface of Jaya was covered with immense cities nestled among the trees. Buyo-Villas, home to hundreds of thousands of individuals, floated in the oceans and moved with the currents. However, as the Julth War began, the planet slowly began to decay as the Gonyords focused their interests on battle. The Daemons razed the surface of Jaya during the last years of the war, and a pack of Wreakers consumed the planet soon afterwards.

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