Jaonu War
Part of The Titanic Wars
Date 3.450(.000) AM-4.000(.024)AM
Location Viperius Galaxy System
Result Resolution due to Lanrao and Arawn intervention
Casus belli Mykarian campaigning
The Assembly
Mykarian Emperor
Yuharon Council
Commander Tyrius†
The Assembly Council
Daa Emperor
High Admiral of the Federation Yugar'Ohla
High General of the Federation Imata'Panu
The Laoine Chairman
~40 billion Mykarian ships
400 million Assembly ships
4.5 trillion Assembly soldiers
~19 billion Yuharon ships
The Dastot
~17 billion Daa ships
45 million Jogorian ships
1 trillion Jogorian soldiers
500 billion Jogorian marines
114.5 million Vorian ships
59.75 million Laoine ships
31 million Rovian ships
104 million Assembly ships
37 billion Assembly soldiers
20 thousand Jogorian ships
3 billion Jogorian soldiers
1.2 billion Jogorian marines
12 million Vorian ships
3 million Laoine ships
320 thousand Rovian ships
Daa and Mykarian ships are written in current numbers due to no direct observation from earlier than 4.000.(020) AM.
The Jaonu War (Jaonu coming from the Mykarian word for 'Encompassing') is a long conflict between the Mykarians and their allies The Assembly and the Yuharon, against the Daa, Jogorians, Laoine, Vorians, and Rovians.


Beginning the war around 3.450(.000) AM were the Mykarians and Daa, as the Mykarians were expanding towards the edges of the Viperius Galaxy System, where the developing Daa were also conquering. Mykarians took the Daa as a less advanced race, but soon had to devote much of their fleet to the war.

Yuharon opened fire on Daa ships at around 3.690.(000) AM, and they were soon unknowingly on the same side as the Mykarians. The Yuharon were forced to give most of their exploratory and military fleets to the battle as to reinforce defense against Daa lines.

Mykarians introduced the Assembly to the war in 4.000(.020), as the Daa did to the Jogorians as the Star Gods.

Only a few months later, however, the Laoine, Vorians, and Rovians became a seperate faction of races known as the Raoen alliance, and quickly allied with the Daa.

The successful Invasion of Imperius? and The Clearing of Viperius gave the Daa significant headway, nearly making them win this war, but the entrance of the Lanrao and the Arawn signified the close of this war and the leading into the Second Titanic War.

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