A jaeij, showing the six-pronged jaw.

Jaeij are small, lizard-like animals that are pets of the Solstelek. They survived the journey from their homeworld through generalist habits and the ability to go into torpor.


Jaeij have six-pronged jaws, with serrated teeth at the front and shearing teeth at the back. This lets it grip and tear at both small animals and fingers of those who harrass it. It is mainly carnivorous, although it has omnivorous scavenging tendencies. They have a sprawling gait and scales, like a lizard. Jaeij have two spines and immensely powerful healing, growing blood vessels back at a just-under-visible rate. Other parts of its body heal more slowly, depending on importance and complexity. They can grow back if you remove all of their body behind their hips, although this is not reccomended as they may die of infection. Jaeij are important to the Solstelek as they provided moral support during their journey, as these stayed healthy while many other creatures grew sick and died.

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