Jaculumavis is an enormous bird native to Saaristo. It is pretty much the planet's apex predator.


They are similar to the Earth bird Argentavis, except for one feature. On its back are several spines. These can be fired at prey, and if they break through the skin, they inject a poison that infects the lungs and eventually kills. However, aiming these darts is hard, so they usually stick to swooping down and tearing at prey with its claws or beak.

It can have a wingspan of up to ten metres, and its claws can reach over fifty centimetres long. They are pointed and hooked, to grab and tear flesh.


They a solitary except when mating. A single egg is laid and fiercely guarded. The pair raise the child to adulthood, then chase it off to find its own mate.


They are carnivores, preying on anything that isn't too large for them to take down. They can hunt by using their darts, or claws and beak.


Jaculumavis is found on almost every island on Saaristo, as they are easily capable of flying between islands.

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