Wonderful planet that is covered in lava

An image of Iuashean from space - note, there is only one star seen here

Iuaorshean is a fiery world of the Noiyarna system. It is first from Noiyarna, and has a day period of 15 hours.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Covered in lava seas, Iuarshean is a very hot planet.


The diameter of Iuarshean is around 2000 kilometers, and the density at 5.1 g/cm^3. This makes the gravity at around a half of Earth's.


Iuarshean is mainly silicate rock. The crust is only around a kilometer deep, and is barely held above a huge lava ocean. This covers a large iron core, which takes up around 1/3 of the planet. The atmosphere is very thin, and is mainly gaseous rock and carbon-based molecules.


Covered in lava lakes, this planet is a featureless, barren plain of ash and lava. In fact, it is so hellish that the Laoine first believed that this was hell. However, deep inside, the planet's tectonic plates are still moving. There are several earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the globe.

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