Ishtar desert landscape

Ishtar after the Merge


Ishtar is a small planet in the Viperius Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Salsene race, although most of these have left its surface now.


Originally, Ishtar was the third planet in its star system. However, during The Merge, a large planet from the Wamana universe was brought to the system. The planet's gravity nudged Ishtar off course, forcing it away from its star. Ishtar is now the fifth planet from the sun.


When Ishtar had oceans, it was divided into three different continents, and many small islands. However, the planet is almost entirely desert now, and thus only one huge continent is discernable.


Ishtar once had two moons, a large one and a small one. However, it lost both of these during the Merge. It now has no natural moons, but hundreds of artificial satellites. There are 267 space stations in orbit, housing part of the rapidly expanding Salsene population.


Before the Merge, Ishtar was tropical, with hundreds of swamps and rainforests dotted across the landscape. But now, it is a bitterly cold desert. The temperature frequently falls under -80 degrees Fahrenheit (-62 °C), and savage windstorms rage across the surface. There are few sizable bodies of water, and all of these are too salty to drink.


The most notable inhabitants of Ishtar are the Salsenes, who have mostly left this planet, with the exception of a few scientists. The other inhabitants are rare extremophiles, slowly going extinct.


  • Ishtar was the first planet to be created on this wiki.