Founder of the VWP

Irrvin is the Atrenid leader of the Virgo Wildlife Preservation society.


Irrvin was born in a rural town on Petaurista. This was an agricultural area, and he grew up around the few animals that had survived the mass extinctions. After Petaurista was evacuated, Irrvin briefly worked with Dwaman in the exploration of Kaventro. After a near-death experience involving a Sigma Spider, however, he lost one of his legs, meaning that he could no longer work under such dangerous conditions. Afterwards, Irrvin took whatever jobs he could. Eventually, he built up enough money to start the Virgo Wildlife Preservation society, which soon became his only job. He recieved many donations, and research funds from various companies. Although he to this day remains somewhat poor, he is no longer in immediate danger of starving.


Irrvin is proper, and very concerned with ettiquette and manners. He is very curious, which got him into much trouble in his early years.

In fictionEdit

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