Invasion of Kraan
Part of The Trade War
Date 82-87 AK
(150,032-037 MYC)
Location Planet Kraan
Result Salsene and Jogorian Victory
Casus belli Keraran Invasion
Commander Ogluf Nutay Unknown
150 Salsene ships and 1.2 million Salsene soldiers
150 million armed civilian survivors after bombardment
300,000 Jogorian ships and 20 million Jogorian Marines
7,000 ships and 30 million soldiers
150 Salsene ships and 1.1 million Salsene soldiers
56 Jogorian ships and 200,000 Jogorian Marines
6,958 ships and 23 million soldiers
6 billion Salsene civilians killed by initial orbital bombardment
The Invasion of Kraan was the last major battle before the Jogorians entered in The Trade War. It saw the loss of the first major Salsene planet and billions of lives. It ended with a Jogorian liberation force decimating the Keraran occupation forces.

Looming InvasionEdit

In 81 AK (150,031 MYC) Allied forces were suffering defeat after defeat and the war seemed to be winding down to a close. It was becoming more and more apparent that the Kerarans would soon hit Slasene space. In 150,032 MYC, that scenario occured as the main Keraran fleet the Allies had been tracking was seen closing in on Salsene space. The Salsene Grand Fleet sent 3,000 ships to be stationed in the sector of endangered space, however the Keraran fleet made a sudden course adjustment for an unknown location. Their whereabouts were soon lost.

Days before the invasion, the fleet reemerged just a few systems from Kraan. The Grand Fleet called for RIA assistance, but none was available as the war had heated up in the Lucifer Galaxy recently, and many RIA forces had been recalled back home.

The InvasionEdit

As a few hundred ships from the 32nd Grand Fleet floated about in the Kraan system, 7,000 Keraran ships jumped in to surprise the small defense force. Within minutes, the 150 unorganized defending ships were completely wiped out. The Salsene defenses on the ground immediately opened fire when the fleet was within range, managing to take out a few ships before the orbital bombardment decimated the resistance. Entire cities were razed during the bombardment, and 99% of the population was killed.

Organized defense was out of the question as the world went dark within hours. Radio signals were blocked and the satellite system was completely destroyed by the Kerarans. The remaining 200,000 Salsene soldiers were hard pressed to maintain order at survivor camps across the planet as well as combat Keraran troops whenever possible.

The New BattleEdit

The wary defenders of Kraan are now engaging in heavy resistance through extensive use of guerrilla warfare. Even though it has been years since the initial invasion, the resistance fighters are still sending messages to the Salsene high command, relaying valuable information about the strength of the occupation.

In late 150,037 MYC, Jogorian forces arrived and completely obliterated the Keraran fleet within 20 minutes of the opening shots being fired. Nearly all 7,000 Keraran ships were destroyed compared to just 56 Jogorian ships. Soon after, 20 million Jogorian Marines landed on the planet and began a long staged planetary campaign that lasted 34 days and saw the death of nearly 200,000 Marines. However, another 17 million Kerarans were killed and the rest captured because of this attack. The long Keraran occupation had finally ended.

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