A matrix dream

An Immortal in transport.

The Immortals are a enigmatic race of beings who currently reside on an unknown planet in the Viperius Galaxy.


The race of sapient beings known as Immortals are said to have been the first beings the Gods created to live in the universe. Of course it is practically impossible for that to be reality, as there are


  • They are known to the few that have knowledge of their existence as mysterious, supernatural beings with a
    Under the Milky Way

    The Immortals, As mysterious as the Multiverse itself.

    slightly practical sense of humor.
  • They consume any solid matter.


  • They do not know their own origin, and are seeking to find it
  • Their apparent leader is one of them known as "Ice"
  • The term "Immortal" has been aplied to them by other races, and it is said that they gaurd their true name carefully

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