The Immortals are specially trained and equipped Qwatko soldiers who receive against-the-odds missions. They have been trained from childhood and are augmented in many ways. Their divisions and branches are categorised with names of their mythologies


Avusa DivisionEdit

  • Niknik-Vortha: God of Life
  • Namwanugom-Pokvalu: God of Death

Tremko DivisionEdit

  • Zamvorg: God of Life
  • Qwamuyan: God of Death

Longaghom DivisionEdit

  • Northys: God of Life

Vultamge DivisionEdit

  • Bok-Thvar: God of Life

Polhongur DivisionEdit

  • Hulovoryen: God of Life


The Qwatko has provided the Dwellers, Astins and Yhangs suits of all their mythologies in order to fight better in their current war. The Qwatko themselves promised to join the war as soon as their population was stable.

The Astin / Yhang branch has been called The Silencers, The Dwellers called their branch The Yumulth.

Note that there are many more gods of the Qwatko mythologie, but these are the current known individuals.

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